Moin Moin, Grüß Gott, Hallo and Guten Tag,

my name is Sabine and I have been working in the field of regional specialities from Germany for over 15 years.

Very often people ask me: What made you do that? There are two reasons for this. When planning incentives with gourmet events from the late 90s to the 2000s, I got to know many small producers. The Internet was not that developed yet and they were mostly unknown across regions. But there were fantastic products. Ham, cheese, wine and good bread. There were no cypresses in front of the door like in Italy, but a fir tree. But the German products were at least as good. I just wanted to make it known. Today regional products as a catchphrase or large regional markets are a matter of course. But that looked different back then.

The second motivation: When I visited my grandmother as a child, the first way was always to the mountain meadow behind the house. In the area of the humpback pharmacists in Thuringia, she always patiently showed me yarrow, bear moss, wild raspberries & Co. I always went back with a bouquet of wild flowers. These images in front of you have not lost their magical attraction over the years. You may also know that: the smell of freshly baked bread rolls from the tiny bakery still hangs in the air. In the little butcher’s shop it was the smell of something smoked. At the greengrocer’s, I still haven’t understood how you can fit so much into such a small space. But it was always an experience that I was looking forward to.

I rediscovered a lot of it on my travels. I would like to share that through this website. Over the years I have had so many specialties, stories, places and got to know people in this context that I can tell stories myself. There are so many exciting old recipes, tips, specialties and producers to discover.

What is important to me: What is now referred to as sustainability has been a matter of course for me from an early age. Since that is no longer a matter of course today I would like to contribute something with this page too.

So: restaurants, hotels, event companies: there are many regional producers here who like to deliver a giveaway, bedtime biscuits or a delicious present. Just ask.

And German delicacies? The origin of this name was actually quite simple. The word specialties (Spezialitäten) contains an Umlaut. When I wanted to register the domain, many browsers were not yet able to implement it. And specialties (in german the Umlaut for Ä=Ae, so it would written Spezialitaeten) isn’t really charming either.

Pickled gherkins in the glass

PS: During a chance conversation at the “Green Week” Fair in Berlin, an old man from the Spreewald asked me “Just tell me the pickled gherkin is a delicacy!?”. But yes! I just think of rows of pickled cucumbers: limp, bad taste, zero spices – but also with flavor enhancers for that. So: Not all delicacies are the same as champagne and caviar.

Delicacy = a good product that gets its taste from cultivation, production and traditional ingredients. And of course a “sure hand” for the recipe.

Do we hear from each other?

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