Apple salad sauce “Vert Jus

A very old recipe

1 bottle salad dressing Vert Jus Haus Lichtenhain
Photo: Haus Lichtenhain

1 bottle of salad dressing, 250 ml
also try 100 ml

This salad dressing is something special and yet a recipe that is already very old. Verjus comes from the French (jus vert) and means green juice. An essence is made from unripe apples or grapes, which can be used instead of lemon or vinegar.
But it is also used to refine sauces, meat dishes or salads as a substitute for red wine or sherry.
Definitely try it once.

Apple syrup, apple juice from green apples – boiled down, acidifier: malic acid

Price: 9,80 EUR

Provider: House Lichtenhain



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