Äppelwoi – apple wine from Hesse

Frankfurters call Äppelwoi a regionally typical cider, which is also known regionally under the names Viez, Ebbelwoi, Äbbelwoi, Ebbelwei, Stöffsche, Schoppen or Schobbe and refers to an apple wine.

The fruit wine is made from apples that are as acidic as possible and usually has an alcohol content of between 5-7%. It was probably introduced by the Romans and is found in Germany mainly in the Hessian region as a drink.

Traditionally, depending on the region, wine is drunk from a dibbe glass and served in a Bembel (a decorated ceramic jug with a handle).

At the beginning of the season, the still young wine is popular, but sometimes causes quite a bit of discomfort when it becomes too much. Named after an episode, he is also called Fraa (Mrs.) Rauscher. Further comments on Ms. Rauscher can be found here.

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Der alte Hochstädter Speyerling...
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