How to avoid, keep small or drive away the hangover

Preventing the hangover with home remedies and what to do if the hangover is already there.

Every year he comes along. The Hangover. Sure, you could just abstain from alcohol, not go out partying, or constantly admonish yourself that alcohol is unhealthy. But the fact is that he is then simply there – the hangover, so now and then. So a few tips from us on reality: how to keep a hangover down, or just chase it away with food and drink. (Whereby we assume here an occasional consumption of alcohol).

The basic problem with too much alcohol: For the degradation, the body is also deprived of electrolytes, vitamins and fluids. The cause of nausea, dizziness and headaches.

How to keep the hangover small

These are the anti-hangover tips when the party is about to start

Feastbefore the party. Eat a diet high in fat and protein. These foods stay in the stomach for a long time. Alcohol absorption is delayed.
During the party , keep drinking water (preferably still), nibble salty snacks (salty pretzels, chips) or eat olives. This brings additional minerals. Stick to one type of drink if possible.
After the party, drink as much mineral water as possible (still or low carbonated). Put a bottle of water next to the bed.
Before going to bed, consume 1 tablespoon of fructose. And of course drink water or an additional calcium-magnesium drink.
Sleep with the window open.


A brewer reveals his recipe for drinking beer without getting a hangover. Before each beer he takes a teaspoon of yeast mixed with a little yogurt.

When it’s too late: how to banish the hangover.

When nausea first drink a glass of fresh chamomile tea. It settles the stomach.
Continue to drink plenty of mineral water or fruit tea without sugar.
For a hangover breakfast, pickles, broth, salty foods such as a buttered roll with salt, a pretzel or salty biscuits. Scrambled eggs with bacon or wholemeal bread with salt and pepper is also good. Honey contains fructose. Rollmops is suitable in itself, but not everyone’s cup of tea. If the stomach is again to some extent receptive, also a headache tablet can increase the well-being substantially.
Avoid if possible: Coffee and sweet fruit juices such as orange juice.
If you then feel reasonably confident on your feet: go for a walk in the fresh air. This strengthens the circulation and accelerates the breakdown of alcohol.

Avoid the hangover with the Anti Hangover Drink

If you plan your party visits in advance, you can resort to the Anti Hangover Shots. Drink one vial (shot) of this herbal mixture before and after each large alcohol intake. Without nausea and headaches you are fit for the job the next day.

Ingredients include ginger root, prickly pear, gingko biloba, willow bark, acerola, vitamins and minerals. They give the body directly back what alcohol and a long night withdraw, all natural and vegan. So, here’s to a shot!

Just how bad things can really get the next morning can also be seen in the comedy “Hangover “*.

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And now: Have fun celebrating!



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