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Berliner Weisse

Berliner Weisse are a very typical Berlin speciality and a very popular thirst quencher, especially in summer. Already mentioned in documents in the mid to late 17th century, Berliner Weißbier has a long tradition. It is a top-fermented draught beer with an alcohol content of approx. 3%.
Originally, the drink was mixed with a caraway schnapps or grain. From the beginning of the 19th century the addition of woodruff, later woodruff syrup or raspberry syrup became popular. In the restaurant they ask for a Berliner Weisse with a shot.


Similar to a dessert bowl with a stem, the glasses for Weisse are also different from other types of beer.
This drink goes very well with a Berliner Leber dish.

Breweries also offer ready-made blends for this beer with raspberry, woodruff or blackcurrant.

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