Blueberry Time

From mid-July to the end of August, the blue delicious fruits are abundantly available, also thanks to the cultivated blueberries. Whether it’s a classic yeast dumpling with blueberries or a juicy blueberry muffin – as long as they’re in season, you should treat yourself to these delicious, healthy fruits. In some areas it is also the occasion for blueberry festivals.

Here are some tips for a weekend trip:


Thiermann GmbH & CO. KG
Scharringhausen 23
D-27245 Kirchdorf (Lower Saxony)

Kirchdorf blueberry festival
with a buffet “Pork meets Matjes”
Scharinghausen 23
27245 Kirchdorf


Blueberry festival in Giesel
36119 Giesel

Pick blueberries yourself


Berlin berry garden with different locations
Tiergartenstraße corner of the oaks, 16515 Oranienburg
B1/B5 corner Neuer Hönower Weg, 15366 Dahlwitz Hoppegarten
traße 265, 14089 Berlin Gatow
Bergfelder Chaussee, 16567 Schönfließ
Falkenseer Chaussee transition to Spandauer Straße, 13583 Berlin Falkensee

Rixmann’s farm
Nauener Str. 23a
16833 Linum / Ostprignitz-Ruppin
Phone: 033922-50571

Pomona Horticulture GmbH & Co KG
Helenenauer Way 2
16356 Ahrensfelde OT Blumberg-Elisenau / Barnim
Phone: 03338-757133



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