Bratwurst Museum, Bratwurst Theatre

The love of bratwurst does not only go through the stomach. In Thuringia, enthusiasts have founded a bratwurst museum with a bratwurst theatre.

The 1st German Bratwurst Museum (Amt Wachsenburg) is the first and only museum in the world explicitly dedicated to the subject of bratwurst. The museum contains a permanent exhibition on the history, tradition and cultural significance of the bratwurst in social life in general and the Thüringer Rostbratwurst in particular. Everything around the bratwurst has its place here. The exhibits range from pigs and slaughtering to the equipment and machines used to make bratwurst.

The historical context of the first documented mention of the Thuringian Bratwurst in 1404 in the Arnstadt Virgins’ Monastery is depicted on a wooden relief. The house bird, the Bratwurstiebitz, stands for fun and humour, which should not be neglected in the museum. The pig family tree represents the development from the wild pig to today’s domestic pig breeds. Equipment and machines from several centuries bear witness to the technical development of sausage production, from pure manual work to today’s industrial production.

TAINO HERO XXL Smoker Holzkohle-Grill BBQ Grillwagen Standgrill
  • TAINO HERO XXL Smoker mit riesiger Grillfläche zum Räuchern, direkten oder indirekten Grillen. Gesamtmaße: ca. 142 x 46 x 111 cm (BxTxH)
  • Standgrill mit Grillrost (2-tlg.) aus hochwertigem Gusseisen für ideale Hitzeverteilung, 6-stufig höhenverstellbare, herausnehmbare...
  • Vielseitiger Holzkohlegrill mit optimaler Luftzufuhr dank 2 regelbarer Ventile und praktischem Grillkamin. Integriertes Thermometer im...
  • Seitentische als Ablagefläche mit jeweils 4 Besteckhaken, zur platzsparenden Lagerung lassen sich beide Seitentische einklappen. 2 große...
  • Neu & original verpackt – Schnell und zuverlässig nach Hause geliefert

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