Bremen Babbler

The Bremer Babbeler is a peppermint cough drop. Quite a long one, though. It was invented as early as 1886 by the Bremen confectioner Albert Friedrich Bruns.

The name perhaps goes back to the Low German term “Babbel” (the mouth), since one had to have the sweet constantly in the mouth because of the effect.
The Babbeler are still produced today by the Alfred Bruns confectionery factory.
Here you can find a detailed description of the production and history of the Bremer Babbeler.

Other sweet specialities from the Hanseatic city include Bremer Klaben, Bremer Kluten and Bremer Kaffeebrot.

Recipe Bremen coffee bread
A typical Bremen pastry with coffee or tea.
Open recipe
Bremer Kaffeebrot in einer Schale
Recipe Bremer Moppen
Christmas cookies with cloves
Weihnachtsgebäck Bremer Moppen
  • 400g Bremer Klaben
  • 100g Schnoorkuller
  • 100g Bremer Kluten,100g Bremer Kaffeebrot
  • 100g Bremer Babbeler, 100g Bremer Stadtmusikanten Weingummi
  • gepackt in schöne Präsentkarton und Festlich dekoriert

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