Cookbooks from Bavaria and Franconia

Culinary seductions from Bavaria and Franconia: Cookbooks for Bavarian delicacies and Franconian cuisine. Whether it’s Obazda, Schupfnudeln, a snack or Nürnberger Rostbratwurst, you’ll find the recipes here.

Bayerisches Kochbuch
  • Hofmann, Maria (Author)

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White-blue – the typical colours of Bavaria in rhombus form can be found in many federal states today: in autumn at the Oktoberfest. One of the biggest and most famous folk festivals in the world, the Munich Oktoberfest is now being staged in miniature in many other places. Without having to visit Bavaria, you can already get to know Weißbier and Weißwurst here. In fact, Bavaria and Franconia have much more to offer. From the majestic Alps to the Wagner Festival town of Bayreuth, from the fairytale castle of Neuschwanstein to the Bavarian Forest National Park and the more than 600 mostly small inn breweries, which are happy to invite you to a hearty snack, to the popular wines.


As part of the Free State of Bavaria, Franconia sees itself as a cultural region in its own right. The “Romantic Road” leads to a large part through this region steeped in history with numerous castles and medieval buildings. Franconia is also known for its typical Bocksbeutel (there is even a Bocksbeutel street), a long brewing tradition with about 300 breweries and the Lebküchlerei, the best known are probably the Nuremberg gingerbread and the Christmas market.



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