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Bremen cuisine is more than just Bremer Knipp. Discover culinary discoveries and recipes in our cookbook tips. (Contains advertising)

Das Auswanderer-Kochbuch
  • Bettina Meister (Author)

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Information about the federal state of Bremen

Bremen is not only considered the city of the Bremen Town Musicians, but also the city of emigrants. As an old Hanseatic city with a harbour, it had a wide range of fish from the North Sea and the Weser, as well as exotic spices and wines. As in Hamburg, many goods and taste influences were and are sourced from the Lower Saxony area. Bremer Labskaus, Pinkel and Grünkohl (a smoked Grützwurst), wedding soup and Knipp are some culinary specialities. However, some sweet specialties are also worth mentioning: Bremer Klaben, Babbeler (candy canes with peppermint oil), Bremer Kluten and Bremer Kaffeebrot.



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