Cookbooks from Hamburg

The cuisine from Hamburg is traditional, such as Labskaus. Equally traditional, however, are the influences of international cuisine. A selection of cookbooks to try. (Contains advertising)

Hamburger Küche
  • Sampl, Thomas (Author)
Hamburger Küche: Hauptspeisen
  • Behnke, Hulda (Author)

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Information about the federal state of Hamburg

One of the most famous cities of the Hanseatic League is Hamburg – the gateway to the world on the North German coast. The extensive goods traffic that the Hanseatic merchants with their large merchant fleet carried out via Hamburg still exists today. Influenced by long weeks at sea and the acquaintance with foreign cuisines and the access to exotic spices, Hamburg specialties developed. These include Labskaus, Hamburger Rotspon (a red wine), Plockfinken or Rote Grütze (Rode Grütt). As a city-state, Hamburg sourced many products from the surrounding area (Vierlanden, Altes Land) and is thus also shaped by the cuisine of Schleswig-Holstein. As in the whole of Germany, Currywurst is also at home here with its very own curry sauce creation.



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