Cookbooks from Lower Saxony

As diverse as the state is, so is the recipe selection. So there is the Hannöversche pea soup, Mockturtelsuppe or the Braunschweiger Mumme or Pinkel with kale. Our cookbook selection makes it easier to find. (Contains advertising)

Das Ostfriesenkochbuch
  • von der Haar, Annelene (Author)

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Information about the federal state of Lower Saxony

Hardly any other federal state is so diverse and so varied in its landscapes. From the East Frisian Islands over the flat old country with its fertile Elbe marshes, to the Harz, a low mountain range. Therefore, the regional cuisine of Lower Saxony is just as diverse. Pinkel with kale (a smoked Grützwurst), tea from East Frisia with Kluntje (rock candy), asparagus from the Oldenburg Münsterland or Harzer Roller, a sour milk cheese.



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