Cookbooks from North Rhine-Westphalia

Westphalian cuisine and Rhenish specialities to try out. From Himmel und Äd to Rhineland sauerbraten. (Contains advertising)

Das Köln Kochbuch
  • Muhr, Gisela (Author)

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Information on the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia

The most populous federal state comprises very different regions. In the north it is only 100 km to the North Sea coast, in the south a part of the Eifel belongs to it. Cologne Cathedral, Zollverein Coal Mine in the Ruhr area, Teutoburg Forest on the border with Lower Saxony or the High Fens Nature Park in the Eifel. The historical, cultural, linguistic and mental differences are also reflected in the regional specialities: Here, a distinction is made between Rhenish and Westphalian-Lippe cuisine. The Westphalian, more Nordic cuisine is hearty, meat plays a major role. The Rhenish specialities, which are also down-to-earth, are a little more refined, such as the “Bergische Keffeetafel”.



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