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Delicious Schleswig-Holstein: From the Dithmarschen to the Hohlsteiner Land and the Baltic Sea. Recipes for pinkel and kale, a country cafe pie book and many more cookbook tips and indulgence shopping guides. (Contains advertising)

Das Kohl und Pinkel Buch
  • Helga Kloever (Author)

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Information about the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein

Red and white lighthouses, blue skies, dunes, seagulls – these holiday images are not only in our minds, they have even made it onto a stamp. Schleswig-Holstein is the northernmost of the German federal states. The Halligen in the north (tiny partly inhabited islands in the North Sea), a prominent island that can only be reached by car via a railway embankment (Sylt), the North Frisia shaped by the North Sea or the hilly Holstein Switzerland: all regions are worth a visit and a tasting. Holsteiner Katenschinken, Mehlmusklößchen, kale with cooked sausage, lilac berry soup, crab ragout or the almost forgotten Schnüsch are some of the regional specialities.



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