Regional specialities from Rhineland-Palatinate

Situated in the southwest of Germany, Rhineland-Palatinate is naturally also one of the regions where the Romans have left their traces to this day. Thus, the foundation of numerous towns dates back to Roman times; Rheinhessen, Pfalz and Mosel-Saar are today among the best-known wine-growing regions in Germany. In addition to wine, castles, the course of the Rhine and the Lorelei, the regional specialities are well worth discovering. In Rhineland-Palatinate, too, they are determined by different cultures. In the border region to France Flammkuchen is eaten, in the Pfalz
but also spit roast and various potato dishes enrich the dining table.

Potato cake Döppekuchen

In the Rhineland, Döbbekuchen or Döpekooche is one of the traditional dishes. Grated potatoes are baked in the oven together with smoked bacon (Dürrfleisch). A cast-iron pot “en Döpp” is usually used for this. The originally simple dish (as in our recipe) is modified in many ways depending on the region and family. For example, 3 layers of potatoes are used, and in between they are topped with the ends of the mead and bacon.This meal is eaten in the northern Rhineland-Palatinate and southern North Rhine-Westphalia. A similar dish with the same basic ingredients exists in Saarland and is called Schales. It is also an integral part of Saarland cuisine. A potato cake from the rhineland. Advertisment

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Sweet naunzen from the Moselle

Naunzen are originally a carnival pastry. But they taste good all year round.

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Palatinate Saumagen – pig’s stomach

As the name suggests, Pfälzer Saumagen is a speciality from the Palatinate, a region in south-west Germany. It is a typical slaughter day dish and home cooking. The stomach of the female domestic pig is filled with sausage meat, potatoes and spices and cooked in hot water.

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Backesgrumbeere – Oven jacket potatoes

Backesgrumbeere is a hearty Rhine-Hessian potato casserole with meat or ham.

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Onion Tart

Onion tart is a hearty dish that is also served as a snack.

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Cherryplotzer, Cherrymichel

Kirschenplotzer or Kirschenmännla - a delicious leftover recipe .A sweet dish from southern to central Germany. Recipe.

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Sauerbraten from the Rhineland

Rhenish Sauerbraten is called "Soorbrode" in the Rhineland and was traditionally cooked with horse meat. Served with potato dumplings or potato pancakes (Rivekoch) and apple sauce.

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Bung Cheese

The bung cheese is prepared from cream cheese and cream curd with pepper, edelsüß paprika powder and salt.

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Dibbelabbes – potato pan

Originally a simple dish of potatoes, onions, pancetta and simple spices.

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The small Mutzenmandeln are actually fried dough to Rhineland carnival and New Year's Eve. It tastes however also at each other time. Easy preparation.

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Cookbooks from Rhineland-Palatinate

Recipes for Rhineland specialities, from the Hunsrück, the Palatinate, the Eifel and Trier. You can also give such a cookbook as a gift and let them cook for you.

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