Regional specialties from Bremen

Bremen is not only considered the city of the Bremen Town Musicians, but also the city of emigrants. As an old Hanseatic city with a port, it had an extensive range of fish from the North Sea and the Weser, as well as exotic spices and wines. As in Hamburg, many goods and taste influences were and are sourced from the Lower Saxony area. Typical regional specialties are Labskaus, Pinkel and kale (a smoked Grützwurst), wedding soup and Knipp are some of the culinary specialties. But there are also some sweet specialties to be mentioned: Bremer Klaben , Babbeler (candy canes with peppermint oil), Bremer Kluten and Bremen coffee bread .

Pinkel with kale

In the northwest of Germany Pinkel (a Grützwurst) with kale is a traditional dish especially in the kale season from January to February.

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Labskaus: loved or demonized. This typical North German dish from old seafaring times is simply something you should try. Tasted in a restaurant where they still do the cooking themselves, it can be a discovery.

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Rotspon – a Hanseatic red wine

Rotspon is an old German term for red wine. The special feature of the Hamburg, but also Lübeck or Bremen Rotspon is the storage.

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Cookbooks from Bremen

Bremen cuisine is more than just Bremer Knipp. Discover culinary discoveries and recipes in our cookbook tips. (Contains advertising)

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Stippgrütze, Bremer Knipp, minced grits

Bermer Knipp or Hackgrütze a popular North German speciality for the cold season. Oat or barley groats are mixed with meat and spices to make a sausage pudding and eaten hot from the pan.

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Bremen Babbler

Bremer Babbeler - is a rather long peppermint cough drop. Invented by a confectioner from Bremen. Read more in this article.

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Bremen Plucked Finches

Plucked finches are a hearty stew. Originally it was a dish of the whalers. It contained chopped (plucked) pieces of whale bacon (the Vinken).

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Bremen coffee bread

The Bremer Kaffeebrot is a pastry speciality with tradition from the Hanseatic city of Bremen. A toasted piece of white bread with sugar, cinnamon and butter. recipe

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Bremer Klaben

Klaben is a sweet raisin bread from Bremen. Similar to a Christmas stollen.

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Bremer Moppen

The Bremer Mops are a sweet pastry specialty from the Bremen region. Crunchy, spicy and with an almond on top

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