Regional specialties from the Saarland

As the smallest federal state in southwest Germany, Saarland has long been heavily influenced by coal mining and the steel industry. From this a simple, quite nutritious cuisine developed in which the potato played a major role. For example Backesgrumbeere , Dibbelabbes or married people , who are still part of the Saarland cuisine today. Pork neck, for example, is “swiveled” (grilled) on the swivel grill or there is a nighttime meal or dinner.
A very well-known specialty is the Lyoner , a large boiled sausage. Due to its neighbor France and its own history, gastronomy in particular has a strong French influence.

Backesgrumbeere – Oven jacket potatoes

Backesgrumbeere is a hearty Rhine-Hessian potato casserole with meat or ham.

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Dibbelabbes – potato pan

Originally a simple dish of potatoes, onions, pancetta and simple spices.

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Gold of pleasure oil – The oil of the Celts is a delicacy

Gold of pleasure is an ancient cultivated plant for a wonderfully fine edible oil Here is more information.

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Cookbooks from the Saarland

Cookbooks with recipes from the hearty Saarland cuisine. From dibbelabbes to lyons. Our cookbook tips to get a culinary taste of the Saarland.

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Bettsejer – Saarland dandelion salad

Dandelion is one of the first fresh greens that nature offers in the form of wild herbs in spring. A salad recipe from the leaves.

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Saarland Lyon meat sausage

Lyoner is one of the typical German meat sausages, produced as a boiled sausage.

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Schales – a potato dish

In the Saarland, Schales are a firm fixture in every kitchen. Both dishes have almost the same ingredients. recipe

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Married / Married Recipe

Verheiratete is a simple but filling dish in the Saarland. Potatoes and a flour dough.

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Kappessupp from Saarland

Kappesuppe is a hearty white coal stew from Saarland. Recipe and more.

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