Spreewald Gherkin Museum

Everything for the gherkins: If you want to find out what is behind the “Spreewald gherkin”, we recommend the private gherkin museum in Lehde. History and stories, from cucumber cultivation to cucumber processing and many collector’s items also bring old traditions back to life. Different pickled cucumbers can be tasted.

Every year in July the cucumber queen is elected here.

Cucumber museum in the Starick hotel complex
An der Dolzke 4+6
03222 Lehde

Recipes Spreewald gherkins

Recipe hot dill gherkin
Recipe from the Spreewald village of Lehde.
Open recipe
Eingelegte Gurken mit Dill im Tontopf
Recipe Spreewald gherkins
A recipe from the Spreewald village of Neuzauche.
Spreewald gherkins
Recipe gherkins in a jar
It also works without a fermentation pot: quick pickles in a jar. Ready to eat after 3 days. A recipe from Altzauche.
Pickled cucumbers in the glass


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