Durable chocolate curd cake, 100% natural

Also suitable as a small gift


Classic curd cake with cocoa baked in a Thuringian bakery. Due to the type of packaging and shelf life without refrigeration, this cake is well suited as a stock. Just as well suited for on the go hiking or sailing.

Shelf life chocolate curd cake without preservatives Cakees
Image: Bakery Stiebling GmbH

traditionally baked, flavor packed, ready to eat
Many other cake variations available.

­čŹ░Without artificial flavoring and additives
­čŹ░ without artificial colors
­čŹ░ without preservatives
­čŹ░ without industrial premixes
­čŹ░ for it with 100% natural ingredients
­čŹ░ S helf life for months without cooling
­čŹ░ Ready for immediate consumption – always and everywhere

Price: 3,99 EUR, plus. Shipping costs

Supplier: Bakery Stiebling GmbH



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