Durable High Protein Curd Cake, Gluten Free

A cheesecake with lemon


This ricotta cake is fitness protein cake, with no added sugar and 17g of protein per serving.
The way it is packaged and its shelf life without refrigeration make this cake good for stocking or easy to take with no complications.

Gluten free durable cheesecake with proteins
Image: Bakery Stiebling GmbH

traditionally baked, flavor packed, ready to eat
Other cake variations available.

🍰Without artificial flavoring and additives
🍰 without artificial colors
🍰 without preservatives
🍰 without industrial premixes
🍰 for it with 100% natural ingredients
🍰 S helf life for months without cooling
🍰 Ready for immediate consumption – always and everywhere

Price: 6,59 EUR, plus. Shipping costs

Supplier: Bakery Stiebling GmbH



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