Easter breakfast relaunched

An Easter breakfast includes Easter eggs, dyed in an egg cup, in an Easter basket or baked in a yeast wreath. An Easter bread, coffee, tea or milk, jam, honey, sausage, cake. Everything of course beautifully Easter decorated and arranged.

You’re not going to get anyone off your back, even though you’ve put a lot of effort into it? Then I guess the time has come for a new perspective. Let’s keep Easter colorful, but with a theme. How about a red and white polka dotted breakfast table? Or all dipped in pink? A delicious milkshake is made from a chocolate bunny. Sweet bunny can then be snacked on immediately as a dessert (shake only room-warm or cold, of course).

How to turn the chocolate bunny into a milkshake highlight

Remove the paper from the ears of the Easter bunny of your choice. Using a small kitchen knife, carefully cut a hole at the top of the ears. Using a funnel, pour in milk, a homemade milkshake, fruit juice, or other unheated beverage. You can now peel off the remaining packaging film or leave it on.
Insert a matching straw and the drinking vessel is ready. Inspired by Allison Waken and her blog All for the Memories.

Of course, these ideas are also great to implement for an Easter brunch.

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