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Elderflowers & Elderberries

It is quite easy to make a wonderful elderberry syrup from elderflowers. Elderberries are plants that grow in shrub form. The best known in this country is the black elderberry, also called lilac bush or elder.


Until the beginning of the last century, no garden could be without a elder bush – it was supposed to keep evil spirits away from the house. Surely it was also due to the fact that the elder also plays a role in medicine.

The very aromatic flower umbels are processed e.g. as syrup, Hollerküchle or sparkling wine.

Elderflower umbel on the elder bush

In autumn the elder bears black berry fruits, which are not digestible raw. However, very aromatic jellies, liqueurs or brandies can be made from them. In northern Germany, elderberries are also added to the red fruit jelly.

The black berries are also used to make elderberry puree (also known as lilac puree or lilac herb), which is used, for example, as a very aromatic wine substitute for sauces.

Due to the intense colour of the berries, black elderberry is excellent as a natural dye, e.g. for fabric printing or Easter eggs.

Recipe Hollerküchle – Baked elderflower
This dish is suitable as a full sweet meal.
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Hollerküchle are baked elderflower umbels with powdered sugar
Recipe Hamburg Bickberry Soup – elderberry soup
This elderberry soup can be eaten hot or cold. 
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Hamburger Bickbeer Soup
Elderflower syrup recipe
If you can get hold of fresh elderflowers or have them in your own garden, you should definitely try the syrup. Very well also suitable for flavouring dishes.
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Elderflower and lemons in syrup



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