Berlin gift baskets

Regional specialties from Berlin as a gift, present or small gift. With a short product description. (Contains advertising)

Adler Berlin Dry Gin, 0,7l

ADVERTISEMENT A gift for gin friends: a high-quality gin distillate with the best raw materials from a Berlin manufactory.

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Gift set Wurzelpeter – Original Berlin herbal liqueur

ADVERTISEMENT An old Berlin herbal liqueur has been revived.

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Breakfast coffee from the Berlin coffee roastery tasting set

ADVERTISEMENT A really good coffee to invite you to breakfast: 1 kg freshly roasted from the Berlin coffee roastery. Packed in a decorative bag with an old Berlin motif. Vacuumed.

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Schutzmann beer 1,0Liter

ADVERTISEMENT 1 liter Zille beer from Berlin. Bottle with swing stopper and well suited as a gift.

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“Berliner Luft” clear peppermint liqueur

ADVERTISEMENT The traditional Berlin company Schilkin now offers its clear peppermint liqueur "Berliner Luft" in a Brandenburg Gate bottle. Maybe as an invitation gift for a tour to Berlin?

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Berliner Schrippen 5 pieces

ADVERTISEMENT Berliner Schrippen are bread rolls. Available here just to bake.

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Gin Berliner Brandstifter with tonic

ADVERTISING A Brandstifter brand Berlin gin in a set with 6 bottles of tonic. As a gift or to drink yourself.

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Spice mixes for Berlin classics

ADVERTISEMENT 2 seasoning mixes for the traditional Berlin dishes, meatballs and currywurst.

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Baking mix Berlin pancakes

ADVERTISING Whether called a Berliner or a pancake: with this baking mix you can make this traditional lard biscuit.

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Berliner Weisse Quartet

ADVERTISEMENT Order different types of Berliner Weisse here and enjoy it chilled.

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Original Berlin currywurst, 8 glasses

ADVERTISING Ready-made Berlin currywurst in a glass. Just warm up and eat. 8 glasses.

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Chocolates from the Sawade Berlin factory

ADVERTISING 20 non-alcoholic chocolates handmade from the traditional Sawade factory in Berlin.

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