Saarland gift baskets

There are regional specialties such as gin, Riesling or a swivel spice from the Saarland. (Contains advertising)

Saar Riesling Donatushof, 1 bottle

ADVERTISEMENT This Riesling is fine off-dry and captivates with an elegant fruit-acid play: aromas of ripe apple and mango.

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Ferdinands Gin Traveller’s Box

ADVERTISEMENT Fine gin from the Saarland as a gift and travel box with copper mug, bar spoon and more.

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Saarland Schwenker seasoning

ADVERTISEMENT Help for the grill: Ready-made spice mix for the typical pan roast. Without flavour enhancer.

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Gin Saarlouis – Distiller’s Cut Edition

ADVERTISEMENT Finest gin from the Saarland with 23 handpicked botanicals with rhubarb infusion.

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Present Saar Dry Gin Toolbox

ADVERTISEMENT Fine Saarland Dry Gin is packaged with 4 bottles of Polidori's Tonic Water in a convenient wooden box. Ideal as a gift.

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Oven terrine Baeckoffe

ADVERTISEMENT An oven terrine for the traditional bakery dish made from beef, pork and lamb.

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Loquat brandy dog ass

ADVERTISEMENT A fine fruit brandy made from medlars. A regional specialty from the Saarland.

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Saarstein Castle Riesling Spätlese fruit 2019 Sweet

ADVERTISEMENT This Riesling is a specialty from the Saarland. 6 bottles.

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Saarland Lyoner, 3 pieces

ADVERTISEMENT 3 Original Saarland Lyon boiled sausages smoked over beech wood.

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Saarland pan roast

ADVERTISING Pan roast ready seasoned for the grill.

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