Thuringia gift baskets

Regional specialties from Thuringia as a gift, present or small gift. With a short product description. (Contains advertising)

Gift diy bratwurst box

ADVERTISEMENT With this set you can make bratwurst yourself. Contains everything for the recipe.

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Eichsfeld Sausage Tasting Pack

ADVERTISEMENT Included are Eichsfelder Feldgieker, Eichsfelder Stracke and Thüringer Knackwurst (Mettwurst).

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Barbarossa herbal liqueur in a swing top bottle

ADVERTISEMENT A mild herbal liqueur decoratively packaged in a swing-top bottle with the effigy of Frederick the First, called Barbarossa. Very suitable as a gift,

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Gun oil, a Thuringian herbal liqueur

ADVERTISEMENT Matching the hunting weapon production in Suhl, there is this "Waffenöl" herbal liqueur. Suitable for shooting parties or as a gift.

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Red Star Goethe Dark Chocolate

ADVERTISEMENT 6 bars of dark chocolate with the motif Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the poet from Weimar

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Gift set Suhler gun oil

ADVERTISEMENT Suhl gun oil give away: In keeping with the centuries-long tradition of making hunting weapons, Suhl has this herbal liqueur with a glass.

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Seasoning mix Rostbrätl Thuringian style

ADVERTISEMENT Spice mixture for old school grillers for Thuringian Rostbrätel sufficient for e.g. 1kg neck steak

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Gift DIY Thuringian Bratwurst Box

ADVERTISEMENT Make your own bratwurst with the Bratwurst Box. Contains everything for the recipe. With detailed instructions on how to make your own bratwurst according to a Thuringian recipe

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Thuringian Rennsteig hiking box

ADVERTISEMENT Culinary hiking in Thuringia with the Wanderkiste. Contains: Knackwurst, Viba Nougat, "Wanderlust" herbal tea, beekeeper's honey, white wine and hiking map.

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Give away original Thuringian Rostbratwurst as a present

ADVERTISEMENT 3 cans of original Thuringian Rostbratwurst as a barbecue reserve for a surprise party invitation or simply as a stock.

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Aromatique – Thuringian herb liqueur

ADVERTISEMENT Aromatique Magenbitter as a stock 12 bottles Aromatique Kräuterlikör a 0.2l, A tradition spice bitters with rounded spice, slight bitter note strong-lovely taste.

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Original handmade Christmas stollen from Thuringia

ADVERTISEMENT Juicy, aromatic, tasty: this classic Christmas cake from a small bakery is a delicious gift.

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