Kiel sprats from the coast

A smoked fish speciality

Kiel sprats actually originate from Eckernförde. From the stronghold of sprat smoking, boxes of sprats were shipped all over the world. However, the freight postmark read “Kiel Central Station”. And so they became known as Kiel sprats. But they are also manufactured elsewhere; for example in Bremerhafen.

Sprats are small herring-like saltwater fish. Another name for it is Breitling. For their processing, they are mostly bathed in a brine and then hot smoked. Sprats belong to the group of fatty fish and are rich in protein and vitamin D.

They taste good as a snack with a piece of bread. Due to their minimal size of about 10 cm, they can be eaten whole. However, for a Frisian scrambled egg with sprats, the head and tail are removed.

Other well-known and popular snacks from northern Germany are Bismarck herring and maties.

Scrambled eggs with Kiel sprats and a piece of bread on a plate.

Recipe Kiel sprats with crumble eggs

A Frisian specialty
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Course: main dish, snack food
Cuisine: Friesland, Northern Germany
Keyword: savoury
Difficulty: Beginner
Total Time: 20 minutes
Servings: 2 servings

Ingredients & Shopping list

  • 6 eggs
  • 10 Kiel sprats
  • Frying fat


  • Beat the eggs with a little salt and pepper.
  • Remove the head and tail from the sprats. Divide each into 2 to 3 pieces.
  • Add the scrambled eggs to the hot fat of the pan and let them set a little. Then add the pieces of sprat. Continue to let the egg set until it is ready. If you prefer the egg scrambled, stir.

Tips & Hints

Arrange on a plate and add chives. It goes well with salad and/or a slice of wholemeal bread.
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