Delicious food made from leftovers

Delicious food made from leftovers: If you take a closer look, many regional recipes turn out to be leftovers. Old rolls are used for the sweet poppy seed games or cherry plotters, leftover soft cheese for the obazda or windfalls for delicious chips.

Thuringian red wrap with venison

The Thuringian version for a cabbage roll uses red cabbage for wrapping.

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Franconian fried sausage salad

Whether Franconian, Thuringian, Nuremberg or another bratwurst: after a barbecue there are often leftovers. So what to do with cold bratwursts?

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Cherryplotzer, Cherrymichel

Kirschenplotzer or Kirschenmännla - a delicious leftover recipe .A sweet dish from southern to central Germany. Recipe.

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Hoppel Poppel

Hoppel Poppel is a simple, hearty dish made from leftovers that can be prepared very quickly.

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Obazda, Obatzer, Angemachter

Obazda or Angemachter is a tasty, simple spread. Often found at a vesper as well. Very easy to make yourself.

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Quarkkeulchen are a popular Saxon dessert. The name is derived from the Middle German Kaule (ball). The basis is a sweet dough made from curd cheese and potatoes. In the Erzgebirge they call it Quarkkließe.

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Leftovers: Chocolate Easter bunnies and Santa Clauses

Delicious leftover use for chocolate Easter bunnies and Santa Clauses. Recipes: enhance cocoa, spread, muffin, a chocolate pudding and more.

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Make vanilla sugar yourself

Make your own vanilla sugar easily: Simple, from leftovers and with natural aroma: So you always have a sufficient supply even without sachets.

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Berlin Beamtenstippe

Civil servants' sauce are not an invention of modern times. Stippe is a sauce in which you can "dip" something. It was a poor people's meal and at the end of the month this dish was also served to officials.

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Sweet Mohnpielen – a poppy seed casserole

The recipe for Mohnpielen here is a name for poppy seed casserole. In Berlin and Brandenburg it has been prepared for over 100 years.

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Apple chips – DIY gifts from the meadow orchard

Apple chips from fallen fruit simply process into dried chips. Together with some cinnamon a good alternative as a snack on the go. DIY Gift.

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Fried potato dumplings

Fried potato dumplings are a classic leftover food: savory or sweet. For many, that's when they taste really good. Recipes

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