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New Year’s Eve dinner – good luck

New Year’s Eve dinners and the New Year’s Eve party as we know it today have a long history. With the calendar reform of the Gregorian calendar in 1582, the last day of the year was moved from December 24 to December 31. On this day in 355, Pope Silvester died – thus giving this day its name.


The farewell of the old year is celebrated more or less with or without fireworks. In any case, there are the traditional dishes and specialties. In this context, the food also has a meaning. For example, a scale from the carp eaten is said to work wonders in the wallet. Lentil soup brings financial luck in the new year.

What is traditionally part of the New Year’s Eve meal?

Herring salad
Lentil soup
Sausages with sauerkraut or potato salad
Sparkling wine and champagne

Here are a few recipes:

Recipe Pfannkuchen, Berliner, Krapfen
Particularly popular at carnival and New Year's Eve, this Berlin pastry is available all year round throughout Germany. 
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Berlin pancake pastry
Recipe boulette, meatball
Boulettes can be eaten warm or cold.
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Meatballs with a fork
Rezept Silvesterkarpfen. Karpfen blau
Karpfen blau ist ein traditionelles Essen zu Silvester.
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Silvesterkarpfen, Karpfen blau auf einem Teller angerichtet
Rezept Matjesfilet mit Speckstippe
Eine deftige Mahlzeit mit Fisch.
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Matjes mit Speckstippe


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