It is impossible to imagine German cuisine without the potato: whether as zampe (mashed potatoes), jacket potatoes with cottage cheese, baked potatoes with rosemary, boiled potatoes, fried potatoes or potato pancakes. It serves as a side dish or main course, sweet or savory. However, their origin lies in South America. Frederick II (Frederick the Great), who is not only responsible for the cultivation, but also for the spread and use of the now typical German tuber, was ultimately responsible for its spread in Germany.

Since the population rejected the potato (among other things, they tried to eat only the leaves above ground), the Prussian king thought of a ruse. He had the potato fields guarded by armed soldiers. And that is actually only done when there is something valuable.

And his plan worked: The potato was easy to grow and saved many from starvation over the centuries.

Just on the basis of the old recipes it is evident that the satiating effect of the potato advanced for a long time to the “poor people’s food”. But there were no limits to the imagination – to make something good out of little. And so it is worth putting many a potato dish back on the menu.

Fortunately, there are also more and more growers who, far from the few standard varieties on the market, dedicate themselves to the breeding and production of old and varied varieties.

Potato recipes

Recipe Dibbelabbes
A hearty potato dish.
Kartoffelkuchen auf einem Teller mit Apfelmus und Gemüse
Recipe Quarkkeulchen
A sweet Saxon speciality.
Quarkkeulchen on a plate with apple sauce
Recipe Schales
An oven dish that can also be prepared in small portions in the pan.
Oven dishes with salad
Recipe perfect fried potatoes
Instructions so that they are crispy and delicious.
Knusprige Bratkartoffeln auf einem Teller
Recipe Buttermilkgetzen
Buttermilk getzen taste best fresh out of the pan.
Open recipe
Recipe Schupfnudeln-potato noodles
Potato noodles as a main dish or side dish.
Open recipe
Schupfnudeln recipe
Recipe for Mecklenburg Stampftüfften un Boddermelk
A simple hearty potatoe meal with buttermilk from northern germany.
Gestampfte Kartoffeln mit gerösteten Schinkenwürfeln und Zwiebeln auf einem Teller
Recipe Thuringian dumplings
Very important is the way of preparation! Sequence and speed. Otherwise there'll be frustration.
Open recipe
Thüringer Kartoffelkösse auf einem Teller

There are many different regional names for the potato. In parts of Franconia the potato is called Potacken or Bodaggn.
In Swabia, the Palatinate and Saarland they are known as Grumbeere, Grumbiere or Grombiera.
The south ofBrandenburgalso likes to call the potato Erdapfel, Erpfel, Erdbirn, Flezbirn, Grundbirn, Grübling or Knulle.
In other parts of Brandenburg, Nudel, Bulwe, Schucke, Krumbiir and Krumbeer or Kästen are also local names for it. On the North Sea coast and in Low German, the potato is known as Tüfte, Tüffel or Pipper. In Upper Lusatia, it’s Abern.


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