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Stolzer Heinrich is also known as bratwurst in beer sauce. It is an old traditional Berlin dish made from Berlin bratwurst (without intestines) cooked with dark beer and spices.

The name? Maybe Heinrich was proud as hell that he could afford this meal. The dish probably dates back to the times of Queen Luise (1776-1810) and for ordinary people meat dishes were more of a feast.

Proud Heinrich Sausage

Recipe Proud Henry

A Berlin bratwurst dish.
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Course: main dish
Cuisine: Berlin
Keyword: savoury
Difficulty: Practised
Total Time: 25 minutes
Servings: 4

Ingredients & Shopping list

  • 4 sausages Berlin style (without intestine)
  • 50 g butter (or oil for frying)
  • 100 ml milk
  • 1 bottle dark beer (sweet with little alcohol)
  • 4 gingerbread (without chocolate and wafers)
  • salt, pepper
  • sugar (for seasoning)


  • Briefly scald the sausages with boiling water. Lightly pierce on all sides and turn in the milk.
  • Fry the sausages in a hot pan until nicely browned on all sides and then keep warm.
  • Crush the gingerbread and mix it in the hot fat until it dissolves. Add the beer and bring to the boil, stirring.
  • Season to taste with salt, pepper and sugar.

Tips & Hints

Arrange the sausages in small pieces on the plates and pour the sauce over them. Serve with mashed potatoes or boiled potatoes.


In the original Berliner Kartoffelmus was served with it. Porridge is stirred from boiled potatoes and buttermilk. Then add to it cubes of lean bacon fried out.

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