One of the most famous German breads is Pumpernickel. It is a heavy, high fiber, very hearty and filling bread. Due to its consistency and baking method, it has a long shelf life. As a rule, it is offered cut, packaged in foil.

Ingredients are rye meal, salt and water. Made according to the original recipe, the dough must rise for 24 hours. Long baking pans guarantee that the bread slices are always the same size. It is said to have been originally invented by a baker in Soest. A city that was often besieged in the Middle Ages and therefore durable emergency rations were needed.

It became famous with the “Peace of Westphalia” when envoys of the warring states met in Münster and Osnabrück to end the 30 Years War. This lasted 5 years and to each envoy there was a considerable entourage of escorts. For food they were offered “coarse bread” which many considered to be food for the horses.

Today it’s a party roll

Nevertheless, pumpernickel is still very popular today, e.g. as a party snack from the party roll and of course as a silent reserve because of its still long shelf life. It is eaten with different bread toppings savoury or sweet or simply as bread with a soup.

The oldest bakery was founded in 1570 by Jörgen Haverlanth in Soest. The bakery Haverland still exists today and of course also their pumpernickel.

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