Berliner Weisse

Woodruff, cherry or raspberry - Berliner Weisse are all the rage. Traditionally, wheat beer is mixed with syrup and served ice cold is a wonderful thirst quencher in the summer.

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Rotspon – a Hanseatic red wine

Rotspon is an old German term for red wine. The special feature of the Hamburg, but also Lübeck or Bremen Rotspon is the storage.

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German wine

Whether Riesling or Spätburgunder: German wine has a good reputation. Growing areas and wine varieties are briefly presented here.

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Beer and bread: Today I bake, tomorrow I brew.

We all know this quote from our childhood from Rumpelstiltskin - but bread and beer could be meant by it. Brewing went hand in hand with baking, as the bakers got the yeast (a waste product) from the pub brewers.

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A simple eggnog recipe and how eggnog got its name.

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Gift box 8 bottles of Luther Porter beer

ADVERTISEMENT Martin Luther liked the beer. This was brewed by his wife Katharina von Bora to get money into the household coffers. And you can buy it and give it away (or drink it yourself) here.

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7 x Beer Tasting Kölsch Beers

ADVERTISEMENT A tastin for Kölsch lovers. 7 beers can be tasted.

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Tasting package Saxon beers

ADVERTISEMENT 9 beer specialities from Saxony to try yourself or to give away.

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