EASTER , Advent & CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR’S EVE are very special festivals and holidays. These holidays are associated with various customs and many special recipes for food and drink.

Advent & Christmas

Heavenly fragrances and fun creations. The desire for home-cooked and baked food has reawakened. What belongs to the Christmas season?

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Easter brunch 10 recipes

Many regional recipes are suitable for an Easter brunch, even if they are not really Easter specialties. Old recipes & new ideas.

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The best-known form of speculoos today are the spice speculoos. A shortcrust pastry with Christmas spices such as cinnamon, cardamom and cloves.

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Christstollen – Christmas stollen

A heavy yeast cake that contains raisins, almonds, lemon peel, butter and almonds is called a Christmas stollen or Christmas stollen.

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Bremer Moppen

The Bremer Mops are a sweet pastry specialty from the Bremen region. Crunchy, spicy and with an almond on top

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Cinnamon stars

Cinnamon stars are very special Swabian "Gutsle". Difficult to bake, powerful in the batter - and heavenly in taste.

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Advent calendar 2021 with delicacies

ADVERTISING Original advent calendars with a different fill. with spices, spreads, honey, beer, wine, tea, vinegar and oil, snacks or chocolate.

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Aachen Printen

The Printen are a gingerbread variant and are known for their typical shape, elongated strips. Recipe and story to go with it.

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Bentheimer Moppen

Bentheimer Moppen are traditional, sweet spice biscuits made from butter shortcrust pastry with caraway seeds. They owe their name to the county of Bentheim in Lower Saxony.

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Marzipan potatoes

Marzipan potatoes owe their name to the external resemblance to a potato. Fresh and homemade, there is a wonderful aroma.

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Sweet dominoes

Sweet dominoes are a gingerbread specialty made up of several layers. The cubes consist of gingerbread, marzipan and fruit jelly. Covered with a chocolate couverture.

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Elisen Gingerbread

Elisen Lebkuchen are part of the classic Christmas biscuits. They are round, have a wafer on the underside and consist mainly of a protein dough with little or no flour.

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