Restaurant guide with coupons for 12 restaurants

Für das Jahr 2023


Get out of the neighborhood and go on a discovery tour for 12 selected restaurants in different cities. To give you an impression (and of course to whet your appetite), there are pictures & texts about it in these restaurant guides. The books captivate with very appealing photos and thus correspond to the stylish ambience of the presented gastronomies.

Restaurants of the fine dining scenes in Munich introduce themselves and invite the owners of the book to dine with a partner. This makes this Restaunt guide with invitation wonderful as a gift. Both for private and for companies. And: Christmas is just around the corner.

Books restaurant guide Taste Twelve on a set table
Image: Taste Twelve GmbH

Available for the following cities: Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart

For companies:
indiv. Branding is possible

This is how the use of the books with voucher redemption works

Price: 39,90 EUR
without shipping costs (standard shipping)

Provider: Taste Twelve GmbH



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