Salt Marsh Lamb

What is the difference between a salt marsh lamb and a lamb?

Nutrition. Spicy saltgrass is a delicacy for many breeds of sheep. Ultimately, this natural diet results in a very aromatic, tender and bright meat that is highly appreciated by gourmets.
However, this type of pasture does not exist everywhere. In Germany, they are mainly found at the North Sea, e.g. in the lee of the North Frisian Halligen, at the Lower Saxonian Jadebusen or in front of the dams in Schleswig-Holstein.

Salt marshes form the transitional area between the sea and the dams, which are intended to keep out sea tides. Due to the tides (low and high) these areas are regularly flooded with seawater. As a result, a very unique vegetation developed in these places.

Some producers and butchers have specialised in this particular meat and sausage production.



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