Simple Christmas Decoration Upcycling

Upcycling is not a new invention, but it is also great for Christmas decorations. Empty jars of chocolate spread or old Christmas tree baubles get a new temporary purpose. And a decorated matchbox creates a stylish Christmas atmosphere when lighting the candles already in Advent.

Christmas balls say where you sit

Christmas bauble with a name next to a plate with a fork.
A red tree ball is decorated with gold permanent maker and written on. Some evergreen makes this place card look even more festive.
Christmas baubles with inscription of names.
Different balls and shapes can be taken for the Christmas name cards. They all serve their purpose.
Christmas tree ball, washi tape, empty toilet paper roll, gold permanent maker for materials.
A tree ball, an empty toilet paper roll, washi tape or tape to taste, and a permanent maker. That’s all you need for this place card.

Atmospheric chocolate glass

Old chocolate jar with sugar beads and tea light.
When the chocolate is snapped up, there is still one jar left. Filled with golden sugar pearls it gives a nice atmospheric table light.
Christmas glass with chocolate rind and tea light
Fill the empty chocolate glass with chocolate lentils, stick simple glue dots on the rim of the glass and add a tea light. Done.
You’ll need an empty, clean chocolate or mustard jar, sugar beads, a tea light and matching washi tape for the candle.

Christmas matchbox

Matchboxes covered with Christmas paper.
The lighting of candles also brings Christmas spirit through these simply pasted matchboxes.
Glued matchbox.
When sticking the matchboxes do not forget the side. One ignition surface remains free to be able to light the matches.
Christmas wrapping paper, matchboxes, scissors and glue stick.
A few scraps of Christmas paper and a glue stick are all you need to stick matchboxes to your liking.

More ideas for Christmas magic with little time



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