Simple Christmas decoration with apples

A Christmas decoration with apples is really very fast. Whether red, yellow or green apples – washed and polished to a shine, they look very decorative. DIY: An apple decorated as a candle holder with fir or rose hips. A shiny apple with ready-made sugar lettering as a place card: it doesn’t take much time. And can be finished in the last minute.

name cards to eat up

Apple with name and pattern made of white sugar writing.
Name cards to eat up: Using a ready-made sugar script, write the names and a pattern. In a jiffy.
Green apple with red writing as a name card on the table.
Why always take only red apples for Christmas? Green or yellow apples can also be used as name cards.
Red apples and white or silver sugar writing as material.
Beautiful red apples and white or silver sugar script are needed for the edible place card.

Atmospheric lighting

Red apple with candle and fir tree as decoration.
An atmospheric table light is easy to make yourself from an apple, candle and some decorations such as fir, conifers and nuts.
Green apple with a red candle and rose hips.
Add a green apple and some rose hips to add some color to the table. Matching the tableware or favorite color, the candle arrangement is customizable.
Material apples, conifer, candle, nuts and apple corer.
Red apples, conifer or fir greenery, apple corer for a hole for the candle, evergreens, anise stars and nuts,



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