Simple Christmas decoration with oranges

Here you will find simple instructions for Christmas decorations with oranges or an orange box. Since these fruits are traditionally on the menu at Christmas, the peel is not immediately thrown away. It still serves as an atmospheric and fragrant decoration. And you can do that at the last minute.

Bright table decoration from a box of oranges

DIY Christmas box with Christmas balls and lighting
With Christmas balls, a string of lights, some fir and Christmas ribbon you have a beautiful table decoration.
DIY Christmas box with cones, cones and incense smokers
You can create a natural Christmas decoration with pine cones or crumbs, some fir and a gift ribbon in natural colours.
A box of tangerines, fairy lights, cones, red Christmas balls, ribbon, tape.
A small tangerine box, Christmas ribbon, a string of lights with battery, some tape, fir tree, Christmas balls or pine cones.

Natural Christmas tree ornaments made from oranges

Christmas pendants from orange peel
Christmas pendants made from orange peel with ribbon: this spreads fragrance and is a wonderful idea for a natural tree decoration.
Christmas ribbon and cookie cutter star
Use a variety of cookie cutters and a variety of gift ribbons or colorful twine to make Christmas tree ornaments from orange peels.
Oranges with cookie cutter and ribbon
Here’s what you need for Christmas tags: orange or clementine peel, Christmas cookie cutters, and ribbon.

Atmospheric lighting from orange peel

Atmospheric orange candle with gingerbread man
It doesn’t take much time to make an atmospheric apple candle. The pattern is left to your imagination.
Tea light in a hollowed out orange.
DIY: The candles for the festive Christmas candle are made of orange peels. The contents are simply eaten or made into a delicious dessert.
What you need_ oranges, cloves, tea lights, spoon, knife
You will need easily peeled oranges, cloves, tea lights, spoons for scooping and a knife.

More ideas for a Christmas decoration

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Villeroy und Boch Winter Bakery...

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