Simple Christmas decoration with sugar

Sugar is available in every household and is very suitable for these Christmas decorations. Who has little time can conjure up with these instructions very quickly a Christmas decoration without much effort.

Mini forest in sugar snow

Glass with fir tree, snowman, girl and bell for a Christmas glass.
Merry Christmas wishes here little wooden snowman. Sugar, fir and a Christmas bell and whatever else you have: Ready is the quick Christmas decoration.
Glass with winter atmosphere fir, deer and Christmas tree ball.
Some wintry spirit is here a jar with sugar, fir, painted Christmas tree ball and a deer. Just decorate the winter forest with the things that are there.
Glass, sugar, Christmas balls, deer and fir branches.
A large glass, sugar, Christmas balls, fir and conifer greenery and decorative figurines serve as quick table decorations.

Candy Cane Candy Cane Place Cards

Place cards made from candy canes.
3 pieces of Candy Cane, ribbon, a rubber band and small colored tags made of craft cardboard make a name tag.
Name tag made from candy canes, bows and a small card.
The place where the rubber sits can be covered with a gift ribbon. In addition, decorate it with star anise or small figures. Attached with double-sided adhesive tape.
Candy canes, rubber band, ribbon, craft card pen and scissors as craft materials for the place card.
3 red and white candy canes, rubber band and ribbon make up the base of the place card. The card is cut out of colored cardboard and labeled.

Light glasses with crispy sugar rim

Glasses with sugar rim and tea lights
In the finished glasses with sugar rim put tea lights. They’re getting into the spirit with Christmas gift ribbon.
Glasses on plates with sugar and water
Glasses on plates with water and sugar. Dip each rimmed jar first in water, then in sugar, and let dry.
sugar, water, drinking glasses, tea lights and gift ribbons
Normal household sugar, water, drinking glasses, tea lights and gift ribbons are needed for this Christmas decoration.


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