Cookbooks with regional recipes

Our delicate book tip: Women’s inns

Charming women's inns: retreats and book recommendations from inns run by women. With favourite recipes of the landlady

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Cookbooks Bavaria

Cookbooks from Bavaria and Franconia

WERBUNG Culinary temptations from Bavaria and Franconia: Cookbooks for Bavarian delicacies and Franconian cuisine.

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Cookbooks Baden-Württemberg

Cookbooks from Baden-Württemberg

WERBUNG Swabian and Baden cuisine - recipes old and newly interpreted from Bade.

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Cookbooks Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Cookbooks from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Cookbooks for Mecklenburg and Western Pomerania. A large selection of recipes from the Mecklenburg castle kitchen, from Parchimer Land or Mecklenburg Switzerland.

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Cookbooks Berlin

Cookbooks from Berlin

Berlin is always reinventing itself - old and new recipes from the capital. Whether Hoppel-Poppel or Berliner; there is a lot to try.

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Cookbooks Saxony

Cookbooks from Saxony

Saxony cooks and bakes - the best recipes from Saxony. From Quarkkeulchen to Leipziger Allerlei: recipes from Upper Lusatia, the Ore Mountains, Dresden and more.

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Cookbooks Brandenburg

Cookbooks from Brandenburg

From the Spreewald to the Uckermark - down-to-earth recipes from the federal state of Brandenburg. From original recipes for Spreewald gherkins to the processing of old apple varieties or the cuisine of Mark Brandenburg manor houses.

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Cookbooks Saxony-Anhalt

Cookbooks from Saxony-Anhalt

Culinary Saxony-Anhalt: recipes from the Harz mountains, Anhalt cuisine and Burgenland. Regional cookbooks tips with recipes from Filderkraut to Altmärker Tiegelbraten.

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Cookbooks Lower Saxony

Cookbooks from Lower Saxony

As diverse as the state is, so is the recipe selection. So there is the Hannöversche pea soup, Mockturtelsuppe or the Braunschweiger Mumme or Pinkel with kale. Our cookbook selection makes it easier to find.

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Cookbooks Hamburg

Cookbooks from Hamburg

The cuisine from Hamburg is traditional, such as Labskaus. Equally traditional, however, are the influences of international cuisine. A selection of cookbooks to try.

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Cookbooks Schleswig-Holstein

Cookbooks from Schleswig-Holstein

Delicious Schleswig-Holstein: From the Dithmarschen to the Hohlsteiner Land and the Baltic Sea. Recipes for pinkel and kale, a country cafe pie book and many more cookbook tips and indulgence shopping guides.

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Cookbooks North Rhine-Westphalia

Cookbooks from North Rhine-Westphalia

Westphalian cuisine and Rhenish specialities to try out. From Himmel und Äd to Rhineland sauerbraten.

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Cookbooks Rhineland-Palatinate

Cookbooks from Rhineland-Palatinate

Recipes for Rhineland specialities, from the Hunsrück, the Palatinate, the Eifel and Trier. You can also give such a cookbook as a gift and let them cook for you.

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Cookbooks Bremen

Cookbooks from Bremen

Bremen cuisine is more than just Bremer Knipp. Discover culinary discoveries and recipes in our cookbook tips. (Contains advertising)

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Cookbooks Thuringia

Cookbooks from Thuringia

Experience Thuringia culinary: Regional Cookbooks Tips with recipes for Thuringian Rostbratwurst, Thuringian dumplings and festive cakes. From southern Thuringia to the Rennsteig, from Burgenland to the Saalekreis.

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Cookbooks with regional recipes

Cookbooks from Germany

What is typically German? Beer, sausage, bread? A little bit of everything - some cookbook tips

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Cookbooks Saarland

Cookbooks from the Saarland

Cookbooks with recipes from the hearty Saarland cuisine. From dibbelabbes to lyons. Our cookbook tips to get a culinary taste of the Saarland.

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Cookbooks Hesse

Cookbooks from Hesse

Cookbooks for Hessian recipes from classic green sauce to Hessian tapas.

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Cookbooks Bavaria

Book tip: Weiberwirtschaften in Munich

ADVERTISING Weiberwirtschaften München: a book for a visit to Munich or as a gift for restaurant explorers and culinary recipe followers with many tips

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