Leftover food

Regional specialties from Baden-Württemberg

Cherryplotzer, Cherrymichel

Kirschenplotzer or Kirschenmännla - a delicious leftover recipe .A sweet dish from southern to central Germany. Recipe.

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Regional specialties from Bavaria and Franconia

Obazda, Obatzer, Angemachter

Obazda or Angemachter is a tasty, simple spread. Often found at a vesper as well. Very easy to make yourself.

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Christmas cookies

Leftovers: Chocolate Easter bunnies and Santa Clauses

Delicious leftover use for chocolate Easter bunnies and Santa Clauses. Recipes: enhance cocoa, spread, muffin, a chocolate pudding and more.

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Delicious food made from leftovers

Make vanilla sugar yourself

Make your own vanilla sugar easily: Simple, from leftovers and with natural aroma: So you always have a sufficient supply even without sachets.

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Regional specialities from Brandenburg

Sweet Mohnpielen – a poppy seed casserole

The recipe for Mohnpielen here is a name for poppy seed casserole. In Berlin and Brandenburg it has been prepared for over 100 years.

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Regional specialities from Hessen

Hessian Weckewerk

Weckewerk is a speciality from northern Hesse. Originally, it was used to process leftovers from the butcher's feast. It also makes a good leftover meal today.

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DIY gifts from the kitchen

Apple chips – DIY gifts from the meadow orchard

Apple chips from fallen fruit simply process into dried chips. Together with some cinnamon a good alternative as a snack on the go. DIY Gift.

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Cooking recipes Regional specialties from the federal states

Fried potato dumplings

Fried potato dumplings are a classic leftover food: savory or sweet. For many, that's when they taste really good. Recipes

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