Pastry specialties


Sweet schuerzkuchen cake

A lard pastry similar to the Berlin pancakes. A distinctive feature is the special shape of the pastry.

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Cooking recipes Regional specialties from the federal states


The original traditional pastry can now be found as a very popular butter plait on the breakfast table.

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Regional specialties from Bavaria and Franconia


Probably the best-known pastry in Germany is also the bakers' guild symbol. In the twinkling of an eye, professionals turn a yeast dough crust into an artful intertwining - the pretzel.

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Regional specialties from Saxony

Meißner Fummel pastry

This pastry is deceptive with its appearance: Meissner Fummel are hollow dumplings and therefore very fragile. They are made of a sweet wafer dough.

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Regional specialties from Saxony

Original Leipzig Larks

Leipziger Lerchen are a sweet shortcrust pastry filled with marzipan, reminiscent of the old form of pies that were actually filled with songbirds. Every Leipzig baker has his own family recipe here and the appearance also varies.

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Christmas cookies

Bremen coffee bread

The Bremer Kaffeebrot is a pastry speciality with tradition from the Hanseatic city of Bremen. A toasted piece of white bread with sugar, cinnamon and butter. recipe

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Regional specialties from Bremen

Bremer Klaben

Klaben is a sweet raisin bread from Bremen. Similar to a Christmas stollen.

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