Regional specialties from North Rhine-Westphalia

Sauerbraten from the Rhineland

Rhenish Sauerbraten is called "Soorbrode" in the Rhineland and was traditionally cooked with horse meat. Served with potato dumplings or potato pancakes (Rivekoch) and apple sauce.

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Restaurants with specialties from Thuringia

Mutzbraten fresh from grill

Mutzbraten from the grill is a Thuringian speciality. Here addresses where it is available the snack freshly grilled. It is eaten with mustard, sauerkraut and bread.

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Restaurants with specialties from Berlin

Restaurant Eisbein, Haxe, Knöchla

Gastronomy addresses with homemade knuckle of pork or Knöchla.

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Regional specialties from Saxony-Anhalt

Daeg’lbraod (Altmärker pot roast)

In the Altmark, the Däg'lbraod (a roast in a three-legged pot) is part of many parties and celebrations. Read more on our website.

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Christmas cookies

Christmas Goose Delivery Service

Goose to go: For all those who have little time, but do not want to do without a crispy roast duck or goose. Address List Delivery Service Regional

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