There is a wide variety of salads. This ranges from pure salad vegetables with a classic oil and vinegar dressing, a lukewarm Swabian potato salad to a sausage salad as leftover food.

Regional specialties from Bavaria and Franconia

Franconian fried sausage salad

Whether Franconian, Thuringian, Nuremberg or another bratwurst: after a barbecue there are often leftovers. So what to do with cold bratwursts?

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Cookbooks Saxony-Anhalt

Filderkraut salad

Filderkraut is a type of pointed cabbage and the finer variety of white cabbage. Just give it a try.

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Gold of pleasure oil – The oil of the Celts is a delicacy

Gold of pleasure is an ancient cultivated plant for a wonderfully fine edible oil Here is more information.

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Regional specialties from Saxony-Anhalt

Harzer roller, Harzer cheese salad

Harzer Roller is a very low-fat speciality made from sour milk cheese. A healthy speciality from the Harz region. Harzer roller marinated for snack.

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Regional specialties from the Saarland

Bettsejer – Saarland dandelion salad

Dandelion is one of the first fresh greens that nature offers in the form of wild herbs in spring. A salad recipe from the leaves.

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Regional specialties from Thuringia

Erfurt broad bean salad

The Erfurt broad bean is a speciality from Thuringia. Here's the story and a recipe to go with it.

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Regional specialties from Baden-Württemberg

Sausage salad – simply prepared

This sausage salad is usually served as a snack in southern Germany. It consists of a boiled sausage and a vinegar-oil dressing.

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