Baden-Wuerttemberg gift baskets

Pumpkin seeds nature

The pure version of pumpkin seeds taste good as a snack, but are also very good for a cereal or for baking. Gently dried from oil pumpkins.

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Baden-Wuerttemberg gift baskets

Pumpkin seeds with chocolate glaze

The pumpkin seeds come from our own harvest and processing of oil pumpkins. Different chocolate variants selectable. As a nibble for yourself or small gift.

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Regional specialties from Baden-Württemberg

Bacon Pie

Dough, leek, bacon, sour cream and eggs form the basis of this simple (but substantial) dish.

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Regional specialities from Brandenburg

Spreewald gherkins

Spreewald gherkins are simply great tasting in the original. We have here old original recipes - very simple - very tasty.

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Regional specialties from Bavaria and Franconia


Probably the best-known pastry in Germany is also the bakers' guild symbol. In the twinkling of an eye, professionals turn a yeast dough crust into an artful intertwining - the pretzel.

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Regional specialties from Germany

Currywurst – cult and calories

The Currywurst is probably one of the most famous specialties of the German snack culture. Sung about by Grönemeyer, devoured by commissioners in crime novels, honoured with a museum and hotly debated whether with or without intestines. It's the sauce that counts.

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DIY gifts from the kitchen

Apple chips – DIY gifts from the meadow orchard

Apple chips from fallen fruit simply process into dried chips. Together with some cinnamon a good alternative as a snack on the go. DIY Gift.

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