Typically German: bread

Greaves lard, lard slice

This simple and inexpensive spread is made from lard, greaves and onions.

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Regional specialities from Hessen

Bung Cheese

The bung cheese is prepared from cream cheese and cream curd with pepper, edelsüß paprika powder and salt.

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Regional specialties from Bavaria and Franconia

Obazda, Obatzer, Angemachter

Obazda or Angemachter is a tasty, simple spread. Often found at a vesper as well. Very easy to make yourself.

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Christmas cookies

Leftovers: Chocolate Easter bunnies and Santa Clauses

Delicious leftover use for chocolate Easter bunnies and Santa Clauses. Recipes: enhance cocoa, spread, muffin, a chocolate pudding and more.

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Regional specialties from Germany

Dandelion flowers syrup

A very aromatic syrup can be made from dandelion flowers. The appearance is like honey, the taste is spicy and sweet.

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Regional specialties from Hamburg

Hamburger Cooked Sausage

Hamburger Gekochte is a semi-solid spreadable sausage in natural casing (approx. 700g). It is popular throughout northern Germany. It is eaten cold on bread or warm as a meal.

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Bremen gift baskets

Bremen Town Musicians Jams

ADVERTISEMENT Specialities from Bremen: 4 fruity jams made of cherry, strawberry, blueberry and pear with the Bremen Town Musicians on the label.

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Easter breads for children

Small decorated Easter breads for children are a variation of the classics at brunch and parties - a healthy alternative.

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Egg butter with herbs

Egg butter is very easy and quick to make. The basic mass consists of butter and yolks from hard-boiled eggs. recipe

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Make durable

Strawberry jam with elderberry

One of the most popular sweet spreads is strawberry jam. Here is a recipe with elderflower and vanilla.

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Gift baskets & products with regional specialties

Sea buckthorn fruit spread pure

ADVERTISING Healthy fruit spread made without cooking, rich in vitamins and minerals, with extra fruit. From the Baltic island of Rügen.

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