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Taste Twelve Restaurantführer mit Gutschein für 2023 auf einem gedeckten Tisch.

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FEDERAL STATES: Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Berlin, Hamburg, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia

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who we are

Behind the idea of TasteTwelve is German media man Jochen Schmelzer, who, after moving to Stockholm in search of good restaurant recommendations away from caps and stars, did not find what he was looking for. Without further ado, he developed a gastronomy guide himself called “EatSweden,” drawing on the connoisseurship of insiders. In 2011, Schmelzer imported the concept to Germany and published the first edition under the name TasteTwelve in Hamburg. “From rock ‘n roll to classical, it’s all there,” is how Jochen Schmelzer describes the compilation of selected eateries for his gastronomy guides.

“12 Restaurants Invite You to Eat!” in 7 cities each

TasteTwelve is a limited edition invitation-only restaurant guide that primarily aims to motivate foodies to rediscover their city from a culinary perspective.
It is an invitation to broaden one’s own culinary horizons, to get to know carefully selected temples of pleasure and to take time again and again throughout the year for extraordinary, tasteful experiences. That’s because each of the participating cities offers a veritable treasure trove of celebrated traditional establishments, exceptional menu concepts and little-known new gastronomic openings. However, because it is easy to lose track of the large number of offers, TasteTwelve is intended to serve as a personal guide to enjoyment based on a careful and discerning selection of restaurants, while at the same time helping you to become part of the gastronomic scene and immerse yourself in the diversity of the culinary arts for a year.

Upon presentation of the book, the twelve selected restaurateurs will invite you and your companion to one of two main dishes consumed during the period from October 2022 to December 2023. TasteTwelve is not only a guidebook, but also the perfect gift for gourmets and food lovers – whether for Christmas, birthdays, weddings, as a goodie for events or as a gift for employees.

Books: Restaurant guide 2023 with vouchers for 7 cities with 12 restaurants each

Corporate gifts
These books are very suitable as a gift. Branding e.g. through the bookmark or with a high-quality sticker.

This is how the use of the books with voucher redemption works

Offers for Christmas and Advent

A book with experience as a Christmas gift: Restaurant Guide 2023 with vouchers for 7 cities with 12 restaurants each. On request with an individual branding.
We are happy to receive your inquiry.

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