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Quickly and at a glance you will find typical regional recipes, specialties and products from Thuringia.

Thuringia recipes

  • Thuringian red wrap with venison
    The Thuringian version for a cabbage roll uses red cabbage for wrapping.
  • Thuringian potato salad
    Zu den Klassikern der Imbissküche gehört der Kartoffelsalat. Es gibt …
  • Thuringian dumplings
    Thüringer Klösse are also known as Grüne Klösse and are served as a side dish with meat. This refers to a proportion of raw potato mass from which the dumpling is made.
  • Onion Tart
    Onion tart is a hearty dish that is also served as a snack.
  • Thuringian Mutzbraten
    Mutzbraten is a delicacy from Thuringia. Pieces of meat marinated in black beer are grilled on skewers over beech wood. A hearty snack also at folk festivals.

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