Typical German: Beer

Beer and the German Purity Law are world-famous. Thanks to the desire for taste, there are again a large number of small and microbreweries in Germany. The brewers succeed in brewing excellent beers solely through the quality selection and mixing ratio of the basic ingredients water, hops, barley and yeast. And they are not only drunk, but also used for cooking and frying.

International Berlin Beer Festival – the Beer Mile

From 3 to 5 August the biggest beer festival will take place on Berlin's Karl-Marx-Allee as a beer mile. With hundreds of international breweries, live music and many regional specialities.

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Thuringian Mutzbraten

Mutzbraten is a delicacy from Thuringia. Pieces of meat marinated in black beer are grilled on skewers over beech wood. A hearty snack also at folk festivals.

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Berliner Weisse

Woodruff, cherry or raspberry - Berliner Weisse are all the rage. Traditionally, wheat beer is mixed with syrup and served ice cold is a wonderful thirst quencher in the summer.

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German private breweries

Here you can still find good taste: addresses of Kiez and microbreweries.

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Gift set Oktoberfest

ADVERTISMENT Typical Bavarian gift set with Bavarian specialties.

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Beer and bread: Today I bake, tomorrow I brew.

We all know this quote from our childhood from Rumpelstiltskin - but bread and beer could be meant by it. Brewing went hand in hand with baking, as the bakers got the yeast (a waste product) from the pub brewers.

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Herb craft beer from the Baltic Sea island of Rügen

ADVERTISEMENT Well chilled for a summer evening, this craft beer from the Baltic Sea island of Rügen is suitable.

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Gift Frühkölsch with original Kölsch tray

ADVERTISEMENT Gift Frühkölsch beer. For real fans of Kölsch. A beer speciality from Cologne.

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7 x Beer Tasting Kölsch Beers

ADVERTISEMENT A tastin for Kölsch lovers. 7 beers can be tasted.

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Tasting package Saxon beers

ADVERTISEMENT 9 beer specialities from Saxony to try yourself or to give away.

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