Make vanilla sugar yourself

Since the discovery of the vanilla bean, vanilla sugar has become an indispensable ingredient in many recipes. Very practical are the small handy bags from the supermarket. However, most of the time it is artificial flavor. But it is very simple to simply make the sugar yourself. The scraped out vanilla pods left over from baking, cooking or for eggnog are used for this.

Fill a glass (size can be determined by yourself) with commercial sugar to 2/3. Depending on the size, add 2-3 scraped out pods of vanilla beans and shake well. After about 1 week, the sugar has taken on the aroma and the finished vanilla sugar can be used. Add the sugar after a while, adding a leftover pod now and then.

Taste and smell are very intense. It’s worth giving it a try. If you have too many empty pods left over from Christmas baking, you can turn them into a great DIY gift from the kitchen. Just choose a nice glass, add a label and some decoration – and a unique gift is ready.

Inexpensive, with a natural taste and a great use for leftovers.

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